Fun facts about guests we’ve transported.

With this year’s festival season, our Car Guest Hall of Fame has grown even bigger. Let’s take you on a virtual tour with some interesting facts about our guests:

1. Iron Maiden arrived with their own plane
The legendary metal band flies everywhere with their own private jet. Its pilot is none other than lead singer Bruce Dickinson.

2. Kendrick Lamar’s one-of-a-kind taste
The world-famous rapper is a fan of breakfast cereals… but enjoys them with a twist: he doesn’t eat them with milk, but with Hennessy Cognac. Cheers!

3. Depeche Mode loves sightseeing
The band members of Depeche Mode love to go on a small tour if they have the time before the concert. As they had never been to the “City of Loyalty”, we were proud to show them around in Sopron!